Which company is better for freshers, MNC or non MNC

2 min readDec 24, 2021


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Today’s topic is “Which company is better for freshers, MNC or non MNC”.

So let’s dive deep.

I know it is difficult to choose between MNC company and Non MNC company. During placements or searching for the job some of you face this issue on selecting the right company if you have multiple offers in your hand.

This are my suggestion based on my true experience doing jobs.

1. Freshers having one or multiple offers in Hand

People who are have single offer only and if they need job to get financially stable. I would suggest you to opt the opportunity in your hand. After working few years and gaining some knowledge, you can choose the best company.

If you don’t have any dependency with job, learn some new skill and apply for more jobs until you got the best.

If you are having business mindset and courage to do it, please don’t get into the job’s world and don’t mess up your situation.

If you are having multiple offers in hand and you are fresher, I would suggest you to join in MNC company, because it will teach you the industrial standards which may not be found in some of small companies. Don’t except much hikes, just learn and acquire new skills.

Me as a fresher😂

2. Experienced

If you are experience like many out there, just go for highest payroll giving company😉 irrespective of MNC or Non MNC. Make sure it should add value to resume.

Hope you are having better clarity on this topic now.

Thanks for taking your time to read this.

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